Blue Band’s “Achaye Barhnay Do” is a Winner !!!

In our daily routine, passing by roads we often see people who are less blessed, people with disabilities and those who are not complete like us! Have we ever thought about them for a second even ? Have we ever wondered how it feels to be like this ! We have our daily chores and this extremely busy life keep us away from all such thoughts!!

Have any one of us ever thought of helping them or even just make them smile for a moment ?

Well, Life is surely about happiness but only enjoying happiness but to share the happiness too!! We live in a society where we easily eliminate these people from our lives or just sympathize them.

This recent Blue Band TVC is just on spot of how these people should be treated ! it’s something which should be done with efforts, it’s something we feel and do without expecting anything in return !

In this new Blue Band TVC a group of boys is shown playing in the ground and the mother watching them. Those boys are playing with just one hand and till this scene we didn’t get a hint about what the AD is about, but then we see a physically challenged boy entering the scene and then it all made sense.


The boys were practicing to play like how he would play and this scene actually brought tears into my eyes!

Blue Band has taken an initiative which is surely applaud able, this is a great message to the children and their parents to just let go their kids to spread happiness and to surely spread “Achaye” wherever they go, and this is a matter of tarbiat !


It’s good to see brands and agencies coming up with such story telling ideas which includes a thought process and Unilever is sure to be a part of such TVC’s. And surprisingly there is not a single dialogue but the impactful emotions and actions and very subtle brand placement,

And at the end its stated that ” Jab Blue Band rakhay inka khayal tou apkhayal  rakh sakti hain inki tarbiat ka ” which clearly is a kind message for parents.

Let’s make this very clear from today that these physically challenged people donot need out sympathy, they just want to be treated as normal human beings !!

This TVC is a treat to watch with priceless emotions !!

Till next one stay tuned!

Happy Bizmaxing !! =D

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