Project Ghazi release delayed for good reasons!!!

Project Ghazi, said to be the first super hero Pakistani movie premiered last night at Nueplex cinemas in Karachi. And unusually ended with a news which was not so obvious “Release delayed”.

The movie features Humayun Saeed, Shehryar Munawar Siddiqui and Syra Shehroze in the lead roles. The premier was attended by Adeel Hussain, Ahad Raza Mir, Ali Gul Pir, Shahroze Subzwari, acclaimed director Nadeem Baig and many more supporters of Pakistan’s film industry. Humayun did showed up but a little late.

How cute love birds at the premiere of #ProjectGhazi happened early tonight #SyraShehroz #shehrozsabzwari

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This Nadir Shah directorial was set to release in the cinemas across on July 14th but just after the premier it was figured out that the film has some technical flaws and should not be released at the moment( Didn’t they director watch the final version before the premier ?? )


This was announced on the Film’s official page. Also we didn’t hear any good reviews about the movie so far and this proved that the film needs some more of that super hero effect.

It’s also stated that the delayed release was pushed by Humayun Saeed because of bad dubbing, editing and more technical issues. he himself left the show just after 409 minutes and according to him when the film was not understandbale by him, how would the public will understand it.

Producer Syed Ali Raza confirmed, saying, “We cannot say much right now but yes, Project Ghazi release will not release on July 14 as planned. There are some technical issues to be fixed. We cannot state the future release date at the moment but we will announce very soon.”

According to Humayun, Project Ghazi needs more than a month or two to reach the standard it should be at.

“I highly doubt Project Ghazi will be ready in a month or two. I’m against that because I don’t want them to rush it again. I think the film needs a good four to six months in post production to be a good release. A superhero film like this needs a lot of time in post production and with Ghazi its not just fixing the sound. Its taking care of the jumpy edits and making sure there’s a story the audience can follow. I don’t want compromises here.” (Courtesy –  Dawn Images)

The cinema owners are in a trouble now because the showing were already scheduled and tickets were sold. They haven’t stated anything officially related to it, but there will be sure a fuss.

Besides all this the GYR films were so under pressure that they even forget to stop the “In cinemas NOW” YouTube masthead!!


The makers are not planning to re-shoot the scenes as they have a lot on the content already with them and are just planning to re edit the film. The film will not be releasing anytime soon now, but let’s see what magic will be done to this so that it actually look like a super-hero movie!

Till next one stay tuned!!

Happy Bizmaxing!! =D

By: Mishaal #TeamBizmaX

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