All you music freaks out there, the biggest music battle of the era is just about to begin ! Yes !! you heard it right, PEPSI BATTLE OF THE BANDS will be hitting your screens 30 July !!
2002 was the year of the drastic shift in the Pakistani Music industry, Battle of the bands introduced some of the finest bands to the industry which brings us the total rock n roll era, the golden music time . Very well known EP and Aaroh were the findings of this great music battle. Aaroh won the battle and spreaded the magic until the tragic demise of their guitarist Haider Hashmi .
“Na Kaho” , “Yaara” and “Pyaar ka Jaal” are still on my music list ❤
BUT this year there is a comeback in the almost sleeping music industry and its time for a shift ! Fawad khan is returning to the music scene and rumors are that Aaroh will make a comeback through this season of BOB as well. After Aaroh turned silent, there was a complete blackout in the world of bands culture but we are excited to see their comeback.
The show will feature the new faces and bands who have been looking for a platform and will be judged by Fawad, Atif and Meesha Shafi!! The launch song has already been aired and stole our heart already, (wondering what the whole season will be like ) its a redention of Alamgir’s “Dekha Na Tha” and we can see the trio Fawad, Atif and Meesha together on the stage and its an amazing treat to watch them together.
Let’s welcome the bands culture back to the industry and stay hooked for 30th July !!
Till then Stay tuned and Happy Bizmaxing !!
By : Mishaal #TeamBizmaX

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