Nikkah celebrations at McDonald’s – What are your plans ??

What’s the craziest thing you have ever done or witnessed at a  wedding ?

Theme weddings are the new wedding trends but Dude ever thought of having McDonalds right after your Nikkah ??  =D

This couple nailed it, where the bride actually went to McDonald’s immediately after their Nikkah and in those same outifts with their friends to celebrate the post wedding Ice cream !! Isn’t it cute, having a Mcflurry with your betterhalf for  life !


Now this is the time where even those ladies of the Bride’s family keeps on telling her to be and act like a not so cool “Dulhan”, and to not talk much and so on, but you guys really broke all those barriers with this amazing thing you’ve done . Everyone has dreams but fulfulling all of them is not everyone’s thing.

This so much seems similar to the McDonald’s TVC featuring the Pyare afzal Duo Aiza and Hamza where the couple ordered McDonald’s and stated it as there pehla pyaar !


The staff of McDonald’s not only happily welcomed them but also clicked a picture with them and later this was shared on their facebook page as well. The awam is just going crazy over this event and people are actually looking forward to do the same on their wedding day =D

Few of us may have thought of doing crazy things for their wedding but I guess very few have attempted to do so.

Kuddos to the bride and groom for making an example for people out there that dreams can be crazy but they make you happy and especially when it’s with the person with whom you’ll be spending the rest of your life !! Many congratulations to you guys ! And #IAmLovingIt =D

Till next one stay tuned and Happy Bizmaxing !!

By: Mishaal #TeamBizmaX


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