O Rungreza – A color filled tale!!

O Rungreza kept us amazed with the promos and unforgettable OST, but the first episode just left us wanting more.

The story showcases a family headed by Khayyam ( Noman Aijaz) who is a poet and similarly like beautiful and precious things and people. He doesn’t like his wife Mumtaaz much and keep on scolding her on every other thing. Sassi their daughter played by Sajal Ali also doesn’t like her mother but admire her Dad. She is a very joyful girl who loves to dress up. She listens to the poetry of her dad and is really impressed by those. Her dad is her ideal.There lives her cousin Qasim (Bilal Abbas ) who is a very shy and less talkative kind of guy but he adores Sassi. Sassi keeps on teasing Qasim and calls him a feminist.


Noman Aijaz being an admirer of beauty is in love with Sonia Jahan (Sana Fakhar) and writes letter to her, Sassi just like her dad adores Sonia Jahan as well. The character of Sassi is well played by Sajal and she has add colors to this character with her charm.

The Duo of Qasim and Sassi has already created the vibes since the first episode aired, the on screen chemistry of both has just got our eyes on them and they look so so adorable together ❤

We have seen Sajal in almost same characters since she started acting, but this is the best she has done uptil now. This character has actually pulled out the real acting skill in Sajal and her chulbulapan kept us hooked till the end. Whereas, Bilal Abbas plays a character where he is a very patient guy who does not believes in fights and tries to solve issues with patience.

Written by Saji Gul, the drama is full of colours, colours of love, hate, betrayal and much more. First episode left alot of questions like What happend when Mumtaz knows about Sonia Jahan, will Sassi also fall in love with qasim and much more.

We are hoping to see O Rungreza progess more with the upcoming episodes and will create a history for both the actors.

Till the next one stay tuned and Happy Bizmaxing !!

By: Mishaal #TeamBizmaX

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