HUM NETWORK announces HUM S Talent !!

HUM network is popularly known from its dramas and glamorous events , but this time the media group has taken an initiative to polish and promote the new lot of artists with HUM S Talent program.The media group has always thought of the unique ideas to promote the talent in the country and this is another step towards this vision.


As per the press release :

“HUM S. Talent is an attempt to provide a platform to tailor and hone the creative talent of the country. As a platform which focuses on the idea of giving – HUM S. Talent aims to offer the budding talent an opportunity to polish their abilities in the light of reputable professionals of the entertainment industry. It is an effort to encourage young talent nationwide to believe in themselves and their creativity”.


President Hum Network Sultana Siddiqui colaborating with Nabeela launched this idea earlier this week.  She told the media that this program will be polishing the skills of the one’s who are interested and will promote them nationwide.

On this note Nabila said :

“I’m very honoured to be partnering up with Sultana Apa in this project. We are going to hunt for new talent and groom them, discipline them and hopefully promote them. We want to give them a fantastic platform and hopefully raise the bar for talent in Pakistan.” (Courtesy – Dawn Images)

With this initiative of HUM we are sure that we will see alot more new talent in the industry and the people will get a proper platform to enter the industry.

We wish HUM NETWORK best of luck for this commendable initiative.

Till next one stay tuned and Happy Bizmaxing !!

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