Coke Studio – episode 2 raises the bar !!

Coke Studio 10’s Episode 1 kicked off with brilliant songs like ‘Allahu Akbar’ featuring Ahmed Jahaneb and Rahat Fateh ali Khan and ‘Ranjish Hi sahi’ by none other then other ali sethi, I have never heard ther song like the way I did this time , it was a complete performance by Ali and I just can’t stop listening to it. 
Episode 2 raised the bar proving that it is ‘Coke Studio’ afterall.
Episode 2 was aired this Friday i.e 18 August and like many other followers I was also waiting eagerly for the all the songs to release one by one.
So this episode consists of 4 songs and here’s a review on each one of them :
Episode 2 features mega music stars like Ali Hamza, Ali Noor, Ali Zafar, Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch, Rahat Fateh Ali and Salman Ahmed, along with rising new stars, Ali Sethi, Jaffar Zaidi and Waqar Ehsin.
Tinak Dhin :
An original folk-centric number, Tinak Dhin depicts the rhythm of the life, both lyrically and musically. Ali Hamza’s debut as a music director on Coke Studio proves to be an audio-visual feast as we see a power trio take the stage. The energy of three unique voices comes together in a confluence of energy; Hamza’s smoky voice, Sethi’s charming finesse and Ehsin’s textured versatility merge upon the playful, low-ends of the kanjira, upbeat mandolin and crisp sitar to create an exciting score for the hopeful. 

‘Tinka Dhin’ gaves the feel of 90s pop music, it’s a song with a very happy and shaadi type feel. While listening to it I was actually singing alot and this was on repeat until the second song released. I have never heard Ali Sethi singing something like this, ‘Umran Langyian’ was another nice one from the previous season but boy this one took the lead for Ali sethi atleast. And Ali Hamza’s low tune vocals sounds so perfect ! ‘Tinka Dhin’ lyrics was ny Ali Hamza as well and a perfectly decorated song.

I like Ali Sethi’s dressing though =D

Sayonee :
Coming to the 2 one, ‘Sayonee’ featured Salman Ahmed, Ali Noor and Rahat fateh Ali Khan, I literally had goose bumps with that so resembling guitar tune playing in the beginning and that got back all my childhood memories. 

With the emblematic Sufi rock sound that shook South Asia, Sayonee marks the debut of Salman Ahmad as a music director and featured artist on Coke Studio. The resonant depth of Ali Noor’s voice juxtaposed with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s classically-nurtured, incredible range makes for a behemoth line-up that is bespeckled with nostalgia. Complete with the iconic bassline that defined a generation of Pakistani music, the song is given a new life with the decadence of the rubab, magical inserts of the flute and a hard-hitting percussive body. Filled with musical surprises, Salman Ahmad leads his bespoke ensemble through a journey of crescendos, jugalbandis and spirituality.

Speaking about how it feels to bring back Sayonee onto Coke Studio, the biggest musical platform that Pakistan has, Salman Ahmed stated, “What I did not want to do was to rehash a hit song. It had to have an organic feel to it. This is the 20th anniversary of the song.

Faasle :
This song featuring Jaffer Zaidi and Quratulain Baloch is the winner uptil now. A masterfully produced ballad, Faasle is a powerful tale of unrequited love. The signature Kaavish sound is etched onto every microtone of the arrangement with Jaffer Zaidi’s sonorous, melancholic vocals and Maaz Maudood’s soul-stirring guitar tones. Alongside the duo, shining through the musical landscape of the song, Quratulain Balouch uncovers previously unchartered territory as her textured, emotive vocals seasons the song into one of the sweetest manifestation of heartbreak and loss. Floating on a cushion of warm, layered keys and nostalgic backing vocals, Faasle is an ode to love found and love lost.

Finally Jaffer’s pony tail is gone and he just look so Handsome ❤

 This song is a conversation 2 persons in love, with Jaffer n Qb’s voice texture this song gaves a beautiful feel to it. Also QB tweeted earlier that :

She surely brought soul to this song, and Jaffer has been a perfectionist with this genre of music from a long time now. The combo of these 2 for this song proved this one to be the best among others this season.

Jaan – e – Bahaaran :
Coke Studio continues the tradition of tributes to the Music Masters this episode too.Weaving a spell to ensnare the listener, Shuja Haider returns with a tribute to the legendary film music director, Master Inayat Hussain. The reimagination of the song stays true to the theatrical and dramatic nature of Pakistani film music and infuses Spanish musical motifs in it’s stylings. Ali Zafar proves himself as the perfect cast for the roll of a love-struck beau with his captivating vocals and pronounced stage presence. As Zafar convincingly professes his devotion and adoration for his Jaan-e-Baahaaraan, a powerful string section packed with a punch of percussions serves as the perfect backdrop for this ditty. 

Ali Zafar proved himself as a versatile singer once again, and why not be it rock or something classical, Ali just proves everything to be his type totally. For this one specially, we are proud of you Ali.
With this Episode ending, there is alot more to come and explore in the coming episodes of coke Studio season 10, so stay tuned and happy Bizmaxing !!
By: Mishaal #TeamBizmaX

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