Nirmal Roy – Coke Studio Episode 4 is a win for you !!

A transition of music, from classical to pop and from Amir Zaki to Nirmal Roy and Danyal Zafar. Coke Studio is surprising us with it’s every other episode and we are amazed how such music can be produced effortlessly, hats off to Strings and the producers for carrying this out so amazingly. Here are our reviews over the 4th Episode of Coke Studio aired digitally yesterday:


A dark storm of emotions, this thumri is fueled by the thunderous arrangement of Jaffer Zaidi. Honing in on the pain and anguish that comes with the void of heartbreak, the incredibly powerful and skillful duo of Javed Bashir & Akbar Ali cascade through the contours and complexities of Raag Bhairvi. The hues of the raag are further evoked through a confluence of the ethereal drone of the sarangi and a prolific guitar solo by Amir Zaki, exuding a sense of melancholy. Playing with the fluidity of the raag, the track is a masterful excursion that resonates with the profundity of sorrow.

Directed by Jaffer Zaidi, how can a song not be so complete and beautiful, Jaffer knows how to keep the audience hooked, and with the selection of singers, it’s a truly justice to the song. This is the last time Amir Zaki performed for us, you will be remember in our hearst forever.


Be it a shadi or mehendi, this song has been my favourite one since bachpan, the traditional and folk touch in it made me fell in love with it every time i hear. Another rendition from Coke Studio in the the voices of Farhan Saeed and QB and how can one can’t drool over their vocal skills . Shani Arshad proved his versatility yet another time.

Colors seem more vivid in this song as a traditional South Asian wedding song blends with an 80s pop track in Shani Arshad’s latest concoction. An upbeat track nuanced with the rhythm of dandiyaan and a gliding flute, the song is further embellished by the fact that it is a duet. Farhan Saeed’s warm, tuneful take on ‘Dekh Tera’ paired with Quratulain Balouch’s textured, radiant voice belting out Latthay Di Chaadar makes for the perfect mixture. With a strong backing vocals section, the song finds itself exploring the musical spectrum of our vibrant traditional past.

  • JULIE :

A playful, modern tune, Julie is a bright take on heartbreak. Ali Zafar pulls out all the stops for this unrestrained ditty that has a pop-blues twist. He stars as a petulant lover agonizing over the tragedy of love lost. Shani Arshad masterfully showcases the complexity of the sentiment with his instrumentation; he brings forth the flares of a mournful shehnai to cut through an otherwise lively arrangement and the power of Danyal Zafar’s guitar solo bring out the fiery nature of the song. Written, composed and performed by Ali Zafar, the musician proves that he can’t help but push the envelope.

Guys, this brother Duo is here to stay, presenting their song Julie, which is another addition to the playful songs CS.


A bittersweet contemporary folk number, Jindjaani ventures into the rough yet rewarding terrain of love. Ali Hamza’s signature vocals take the mic alongside Nirmal Roy’s infectiously sweet energy to create a magical duet. Starting off on a note of heartbreak and dismay, a solid, traditional dholak and mandolin steer the song towards some sonic closure as it blends into the classic folk song, Jhanjar Phabdina. Bringing the sounds of the soil to the forefront, Ali Hamza’s reflects deeply on his musical roots to create a soundscape that is fresh and familiar at the same time.

Perfomed by the cutest Nirmal Roy and Ali Hamza, song proves to be yet another hit and will surely be on the top charts for long. I just love Nirmal’s out and her tikka for sure, a pretty soul with even prettier voice ❤ We wish you all the best for for future songs babe, And Ali Hamza you are the BEST !

With this, we await episode 5 of Coke Studio Season 10 with even much more excitement !

Till the next one stay tuned and Happy Bizmaxing !!

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