Sanam Saeed’s HEER RANJHA has the perfect amount of Love, Romance and Music !!

We all have heard the names of Sohni Mahiwal, laila majnu and Heer Ranjha, but US being the young generation donot even know thes essence of these folk stories and many of us don’t even knows these stories.

The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF) in collaboration with Zain Ahmed produced the improvised version of Heer-Ranjha tale suitable for today’s audience, a story which wrote the history of love with golden words and left many lessons for us to understand. The prupose is to raise funds for educating the less privileged children of Pakistan.

The play casts Sanam Saeed, Samina Ahmed and Arshad Mehmood and will be aired in Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad.


“Bringing Heer Ranjha to theatre is a small step to revitalise people’s interest in classic Urdu literature. These stories and the writers are our assets that unfortunately the young generation is not even aware of. The play is also an effort to help the cause of education as all proceeds from this play will go to TCF. We chose TCF because they are a leading name in the social sector and are literally transforming the lives of the deserving children by giving them the gift of education,” said Zain Ahmed, Director. ( Courtesy – The Nation )


Heer Ranjha is the story of eternal love , its a story of how the world envies the love , egos, hatred and they never wanted them to be together and hence the whole story. They both belong to different villages and met in a wedding and fell in love and fought for their love till the end. The concept letting it be a musical art suits the story well and we heard Sanam singing all the songs by herself as Heer LIVE and what an amazing sight it was. We could hear the pain in their voices and that was enough for us to grab our attentions , not dragged at any point. The dialogue delivery ,acting, emotions everything was on point. We are quite impressed with Ranjha’s acting though =D And why not after all RANJHA it is ! Cheers to Hassan Raza for carrying out the character brilliantly.

The stage, costumes, make up, music suited to the theme and the story perfectly and we don’t have any complains about them.

This is a great initiative by TCF to raise funds for the uneducated children in Pakistan and also lets the youth know these stories.

The Urdu musical is to be performed in Karachi from Sept 7 to 11, and then in Lahore on Sept 13 and 14, with the run concluding in Faisalabad on Sept 16 and 17. Details about tickets are available on TCF’s Facebook page.

Don’t believe us , go and watch it for yourself – the curtain raises till the 11 of September, don’t miss it !

Till next one stay tuned and Happy Bizmaxing !

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