‘Bol’ is our favourite from Coke Studio Episode 5!

Episode 5 of Coke Studio kicked off this week with Sab Maya Hai by Attaullah Esakhelvi & Sanwal Esakhelvi , this duo seems to be the most perfect father and son duo as far Coke Studio is concerned. After Sajjad Ali and Zaw Ali, this is another DUO we see . Progressing the episode, we see Shafqat, Faraz Anwar, Faiza Mujahid and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Sab Maaya Hai :

Bringing the sounds of the soil to Season 10, Attaullah Esakhelvi & Sanwal Esakhelvi narrate a sordid tale of the depravity that finds itself within the realms of love and money. Attaullah Esakhelvi’s unique yet familiar folk tone and vocal stylings settle themselves into the soundscapes that Shuja Haider has designed as Sanwal’s young, powerful voice lifts the melody with his energy. Upon a backdrop of groovy and emotive backing vocals, accented with the banjo and flute, this song is a journey towards uncovering the truth.


With strong vocals and mesmerizing visuals, this song is one of the best Duo’s of this season.

Rangrez :

A modern Sufi song, Rangrez encompasses the true meaning of devotional love. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan teams up with Sahir Ali Bagga to create magic with a fresh, new sound. The tabla flirts with the shehnai as a flurry of backing vocals paint a vibrant surrounding for Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s glowing and scintillating voice takes the foreground to bring out the rang and dhanak of the melody.

Sufi kalam is Rahat’s genre and what one can expect from it except soft and spreading the colours around.

Ujaloon Main :

Those of us are Faraz anwar’s fans, must have heard hjis very damous Ujalon main, with a black and white video and a coffee cup along. those were the best Mizraab days. But he is back once again with revised version of the song along with Faiza Mujahid.


A familiar rock-ballad finds a home at Coke Studio, Season 10, as Faiza Mujahid’s electrifying voice is paired with prolific guitarist, Faraz Anwar, in a magical rendition of Pakistan rock anthem, ‘Ujaalon Mein’. Jaffer Zaidi masterfully creates a space that complements and accentuates the simplicity of the melody while staying true to the signature progressive-rock sound that comes with Faraz Anwar’s fiery musical personality to create a powerful rendition of a classic Pakistani rock song.


Bol :

This nazm of revolutionary poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, is brought to life in a sweet ballad performed by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan.



This song is a win win, being Faiz sahab’s poetry , it gave us goose bumps all the way and we just loved how shafqat has sung it. \This season has surely raised the bar for the upcoming episodes and we are eager to watch them soon.

Till the next one stay tuned !


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