‘Uss Rah Par’ from Coke Studio’s finale has us in tears!

6 episodes down and it’s time for the finale now, Coke Studio’s season 10 has been a memorable journey, a roller coaster of emotions, romance, love, heart break and Sufism and this surelycelebrates a decade of good quality music in our industry !

The episode pays tribute to the much known JunaidJamshed on one of his best songs ‘ UssRaah Par’ and this one got us in tears ! The idea of giving tribute to our legends turns out a reson of another success for this decade of Coke Studio .

Here’s what the finale was all about !


cs1With his magical voice and the soothing tune of tune, Sajjad sung it beautifully with a capital B. It’s a song which talks about the immense and unconditional love , the essence of being loved can surely be felt.

Music Director, Composer and Lyricist, Sajjad Ali brings this beautiful hamd to the Coke Studio repertoire. With his signature musical style, TeraNaam is a meticulously crafted piece that depicts the three phases of life and finding what is of ultimate importance throughout a lifetime. The symphony is imbued with the delicate sound of the flute and a lush strings section that weaves itself around the steady rhythm of the dholak.

Baanware  :

cs2Sung beautifull by AimaBaig and ShujaHaider, this song proves to be one of Shuja’s best compositions, with all the lyrics and music flowing in place, this one has us hooked. Mehdi Hassan’s Bhoolibisri was surely a treat for us.

Love permeates through this song as ShujaHaider creates yet another score for those struck by the puzzling predicament of romance. AimaBaig shines through as her powerful, ethereal vocals intertwine themselves in the soft melody of the song. The duet shaped as a musical conversation brings forth the nuances and intricacies of heartbreak in a delightfully poignant manner.

MaulaTeraNoor :

Another sufikalam in the list of perfectionists, After Allah ho Akbar this one is a master piece. Starting and ending the season with a sufikalam seems to be a good idea though. Shafqat’s voice adds to the beauty of this kalam and wecan’r stop ourselves from getting into love with it.

A silvery hamd sung beautifully by ShafqatAmanat Ali Khan is a spiritual journey of finding the light to guide and protect the soul. A bright and airy composition, MaulaTera Noor has a purposefully simple melody to steer the listeners towards the richness and potency of the words. An enchanting flute lifts the song into a dimension of purity and simplicity as the banjo gives a soft punch of color into this soul-stirring hamd.

Uss Rah Par :

cs3Ali Hamza and Ali Zafar paid a tribute to the legend JunaidJamshed and this took us into our childhood , With keeping th song’s essence in it’s place this is our favourite from the finale. String’s addition to the song was a surprise which we all loved for sure.

The loss of JunaidJamshed sent reverberations across the world. Drawing inspiration from Jamshed’s signature sound, JafferZaidi creates a heartfelt tribute for the gentleman who will forever remain the icon for contemporary Pakistani pop music. Ali Zafar& Ali Hamza come together to celebrate and commemorate the life and legacy of a man who helped millions of people find their own way in this fitting tribute.

With Coke Studio season 10’s end , we are proud of the good music produced and potrayed the positive side of the nation ! We love you Coke Studio !<3


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