Pakistani Cosmetic Brand does it worth buying?

Hello to all Makeup lovers .. its been a long time that I haven’t reviewed any makeup product.
So guess whats today i am reviewing a Pakistani famous Makeup brand JDot . Their products include lipstick, foundation, blush , highlighter, eye shadows and so more that everyone need in their makeup haul.

The best part if the Jdot note Makeup is that their makeup is made up of halal ingredients.

So now let me show you my Makeup haul from J. Note and what i have tried and tested…

J. Note Mattemoist lipstick
For a light no makeup look i tried their Mattemoist lipgloss which is in 705 shade number & i am in love with this shade looks very pretty plus the formula is very hydrating for your lips & gives a matte look .



The other shade is my favorite because i love dark and bold makeup looks and i also have this shade in my makeup haul which is in 407 shade number, a very maroon and reddish kind of colour.



The second product i have their Foundation which is in P02 shade. Texture of foundation looks little bit watery but it gives a medium to high coverage and gives a very luminous and smooth effect.SPF15 is also included in the foundation and its for all skin types.The good part is that it won’t look cakey







Terracotta Powder/Blush

Now lets move on to the third product which is my favourite one which is terracotta blush and powder, in this video you can see i have tried the 01 shade and damn its heaven.

Mono Eyeshades

And lastly their mono eyeshades you can see that how my much pigmented they are…

At the end of the review I would like to say only that do support our Pakistani Makeup brands. Be Pakistani love Pakistani ✨

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