Tamaasha – emerging as the winners already!

Starting off with a powerful yet soulful performance by the former champions of Pepsi Battle of the bands, Kashmir, episode 4 was a total musical delight! Kashmir with their original “Darbadar” proved why they won the last year title and taking home such a big banner was so much fair for them, we missed seeing them back on this stage!

Episode 4, the knock out round started off with a music battle between the 6 selected bands where they performed their originals.

The first band to perform was 21 the band with their original main bolun, judges lauded them with a better performance from last time but also advised them to add more versatility to it!

The second band to perform was Bayaan who performed Toukyahua which did not impressed the judges much, strings felt that the song lacked on vocals and lyrics and much could have been done with it.

With their power packed performance on Deewar, Zarb managed to wow the judges with bringing style an innovation in their performances. Strings appreciated the band whereas Shafi expected more from these potential power packs.

Déjà vu’s Bas karjee did not do much to impress the judges and they were left in hot water similarly like the last episode, judges also gave them a heads up that their lack of good performance might land them into trouble.

Then Tamaasha happened and got their 3rd stand ovation in the show making a hat trick for the first time in this season! (WE are already seeing season 3’s winner in them but let’s wait) With their original Roshni, the steal the show totally ending up with Fawad getting up onto his table chanting for these professional musicians as strings call them!

Kaghaz’s performance lacked passion in this performance which was needed. The composition lacked intensity and after getting a standing ovation for Disco dewaane in the previous episode, we expected a lot more from the band.

Episode 4 had double eliminations as Bayaan, Déjà vu and Kaghaz were the weakest performers, Kaghaz was eliminated and Bayaan and Déjà vu were given a chance to fight among each other which resulted in eliminating DejaVu from the episode.

The top 4 bands Tamaasha, Bayaan, Zarb and 21 the band will be competing in the next round!

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