Sahir Lodhi – the better end

RJ turned TV host,  Sahir Lodhi is a Pakistani actor and a host of radio and TV shows. He made his first TV appearance in Chai Time on Indus TV, which became a hit morning show and took his ride from there on becoming one of the most famous actor and host of radio and... Continue Reading →

Khan Episode 6 – Review

The latest episode of Khan, unfolds nothing interesting despite the fact that life goes on. After the death of Aijaz Aslam, his political party wants his widow to lead them but his brother wants to lead them and tries to oppose the idea. Khan visits Shaista Lodhi for condolence but she tells him that she... Continue Reading →

Khan Episode 5 – Losing Grip

Khan’s 5th episode on aired a few days back and it looks like things are happening too soon. Before making an impact, things are rushing too fast. Maybe it is because there are so many things to come yet and the story needs to wrap as soon as possible. For instance, death of Aijaz Aslam,... Continue Reading →

Khan Episode 4 – Half Baked

The last episode of Khan (04) was quite an interesting one. Aijaz Aslam hosted a dinner at his house where he invited Khan and his wife. Aijaz notices the rapport between Khan and Sarwat (Jameel’s wife); he wants to find the string from where he can bring all the incidents from past to uncover the... Continue Reading →

Khan Becomes Interesting With 3rd Episode

Khan is starting to pace up now, that’s what I noticed in the 3rd episode. The 3rd episode of Khan is by far the interesting one as compared to previous ones. The story is starting to unfold multiple angles related to Khan, his sister, Neelam and Aijaz Aslam’s wife (Shaista Lodhi). Dialogues of the recent... Continue Reading →

Khan – 2nd Episode In Review

With a weak start Khan’s first episode could not ignite the excitement and viewers thought that the second episode might bring in some juicier and interesting elements in the drama. Unfortunately, the treatment of Khan looks quite dragged, in the 2nd episode the track of Shehzad Raza and funeral sequence of Khan’s son-in-law were really... Continue Reading →

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