The meet & greet event with MaanJaoNaa cast.

Crew Motion Pictures, arranges the meet & greet event with MaanJaoNaa cast. Produced by Muhammed Khalid Ali and Directed by AabisRaza, MaanJaoNaa is a release after Eid. The writers of the film are Asma Nabeel, who is also the executive producer, and AhsanRazaFirdousi. Crew Motion Pictures (CMP) launches the Iranian Beauty, Naaz who is all... Continue Reading →

And Another Pakistani Flop – Whistle

The latest movie which released last week in Pakistani cinemas is titled Whistle. Whistle is based on the unique subject of drugs and narcotics. Movies on such topics are not usually made in Pakistan. The director and his team tried to bring something different and new with their latest venture titled Whistle. Let’s analyze what... Continue Reading →

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